Submitting your first patch

Setting up git and ssh

(to work smoothly with Gerrit.)

first see:

SSH setup

  1. Generate a personal dedicated public / private key set.

ssh-keygen -f ~/.ssh/jami_gerrit_review`

Your identification has been saved in jami_gerrit_review. Your public key has been saved in

  1. Tell gerrit your public key

    1. Login to gerrit via your Gitlab account (Sign-in=>OAuth Gitlab)

    2. Follow the ssh key instructions found from (your) user options settings

  2. Set up your local ssh (via ssh-add or in ~/.ssh/config)

  3. Test all of the above (ssh on the service or just try to clone a repo on gerrit via ssh)

Your Repository

This assumes you have moved any existing project clone out of the way.

  1. Clone a (fresh) copy of the project. git clone ssh://; e.g. git clone ssh://

  2. Configure this clones local .git/config (optional)

  3. Generate commit Change-Ids aka: commit-msg hook script

A shell script, to be installed to .git/hooks/commit-msg.

The script creates a unique Change_Id:hash for each commit made from your repository.

  • The first time you attempt a push to review git push origin HEAD:refs/for/master, gerrit will notice a lack of Change-Id.

  • Gerrit will also present a secure copy (scp) string. Use that to download a copy of .git/hooks/commit-msg.