Feature requests

This page exists to classify feature requests per users’ feedback, to avoid leaving tickets open for years. Under construction, will sort the tickets.


  • {daemon-issue}`Implement pipewire <13> to support screen sharing on Wayland -> Contact #Jami (Adrien, Sébastien, etc.) / hard

  • SIP:

    • Fix TLS for VoIP.ms / probably easy

    • re-check all features / easy

    • Add unit-tests / probably easy

    • Investigate: SIP/XMPP bridge -> Contact #Jami (Adrien, Sébastien) / hard

    • Search in system contacts (jami-client-gnome#1191, jami-client-gnome#829, etc.) -> Contact #Jami (Adrien, Sébastien, Andreas, etc.) / easy but long

  • Crypto: (Contact #Jami - Adrien)

    • Update media RTP ciphers for ffmpeg / probably easy

    • Support ECC (instead RSA) for Jami accounts / hard but short

    • Remove usages of SHA1 (ids + git) / hard

  • Media -> Contact #Jami (Adrien, Andreas, etc.)

  • Plugins ideas: (Contact #Jami - Aline)

  • Android:

    • Fix support for Bluetooth/headset / probably easy

    • Support OpenPush (Android + OpenDHT - https://bubu1.eu/openpush/) / probably easy but long

Some other ideas from tickets:

Planned/In progress

  • Improve Jami on Yocto (some codecs problems/lag on i.MX 6) -> Contact Rennes

  • Qt/QML Improve client -> Contact #Jami (Andreas)

    • Redo emoji-picker with native component

    • Implement designs from Charlotte

    • Help for swarms (Sébastien)

  • gerrit:jami-web; because installing an app can be boring. Joining a conference via a link can be cool. For now, nobody is working on it.

Wanted but not planned

  • ?

Can be implemented, contributions welcome (or will take months/years to come)

Depends on mass changes

  • ?