How to publish?

The Plugin Store is a system to distribute plugins over a server. The organisation needs to be eligible to publish a plugin( more details here). To upload a plugin, the new plugin must pass a verification process.

Plugins Store Requests

All the requests from an organization that wants to be elegible to or to upload a new plugin in the plugins store is done with an Issue request template mechanism on Github. Two types of request are possible: requests to authorize a new organization to upload new plugins and requests to upload plugins.

Authorize a new organization

The organization must deliver a Certificate Signing Request (CSR). The CSR can be generated with our tool from the SDK or with openssl tool. The certificate authority must review the organization request and sign the certificate with the SDK tool. The certificate authority must send the certificate to the organization. Before sending it, a job runs to verify that the certificate is correctly signed. The certificate authority reserves the right to refuse the certificate request or revoke the certificate. Upon sending a certificate signing request, the organization agrees to the terms of use of the certificate authority. If the private key of the organization is compromised, the organization must revoke the certificate and generate a new certificate and notify the certificate authority.

Upload a new plugin

The organization must deliver the plugin signed correctly with the certificate of the organization. A job is triggered to check the signature of the plugin and the certificate are correct. The Jami team is not responsible for the plugin content.